Engage With Your Audience



Create new ways to interact and connect with your customer thanks to the HYPEBOX®. Your audience explores your products & services in an interactive way.

Made For Retail Stores


The modern way of product presentation


Easy to use by your staff on a daily basis


Low operating costs & low energy consumption


Theft-proof - the products are locked inside


Increase Sales & Awareness



Give your customers the right tool to learn all the benefits of your product and ease their way to the shop counter!

Top 8 Advantages

When Advertising Goes To The Next Level

Extraordinary Transparency


HYPEBOX® is based on state-of-the-art LCD screen technology, allowing to run in Full-HD resolution with superior clarity and transparency.



The physical product inside of HYPEBOX® gets more attention and the transparency of screen thrills it's users.

Hands-Free Augmented Reality


A transparent, digital layer of photo and video content gets combined with the real physical product inside of the HYPEBOX®.

Crisp Image & Vibrant Colors


Due to our High-Contrast Technology, the screen image shows up in vibrant and luminous colors.

Manufactured in Germany


The robust construction is made from light-weight aluminum and finished by a white matt powder-coating - a beautiful look and feel in any environment

All-In-One Solution


Thanks to the integrated Mediaplayer, contents can be played from a USB stick automatically after switching on the HYPEBOX®.



The HYPEBOX® can be connected to your PC, Mac or Mediaplayer like any other monitor.

Minimalistic Design


Engineered in Germany, the HYPEBOX® is designed to bring together exceptional functionality and modern aesthetics.

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