Celebrating the birth of our nation. Happy Birthday SINGAPORE!!!!!!

iM3 Asia mourns the loss of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Without him, we will not be who we are today.



We have MOVED!!!! 

Effective 16th Nov 2013, we will be relocating to

16 Jalan Kilang Timor
#04-04, Redhill Forum
Singapore 1590308


Hot of the press today. Freedom Driver TXB-20, a product similar to SolidDrive but targeted for mass consumer market is 1 of 13 Awesome gadgets you must have, rated by Digital Life. "Freedom Driver TXB-20 Killer feature. A small black cube that turns surfaces, including your table and window, into a mega loudspeaker" Quoted from Digital Life

Head on down to SIM LIM SQUARE to test out this gadget yourself. And yes, SolidDrive is also available for testing at Commerztech Pte Ltd.

1. Commerztech Pte Ltd - Sim Lim Square #05-70 Singapore 188504 Tel : 6334 3237, Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Chamoxa Office Automation - Sim Lim Square #04-01 Singapore 188504, Tel : 6339 7002, Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EDB Future Ready Singapore @ World Cities Summit

One of the most interactive experience for the visitors. Visitors have an opportunity to voice their green ideas over different platforms and also get to vote on the ideas submitted by other visitors.

Ubiq in airstrike mode engage groups of people as they view all the comments made by others over a huge 120” screen.

Made possible with the help of our partner Make Studios. Visit our video gallery for more info

Projection Film in use by Singapore's Youth Olympic

Our projection film is currently being used by several partners and companies. Some of which are deployment by our partners in multi-touch tables.

Two such tables can be found in the coming Singapore's Youth Olympic.

iM3 Asia Donates to Charity

Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre is the choice when we learned of the program they were running. One of the programs that caught our attention is the Meal Services Program. This is the program where Seniors can get to eat a healthy and balance meal for a token sum.

iM3 Asia is glad that we are able to contribute to this worthly cause. Information for this program can be found below.

Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre Link

iM3 Asia enters ION Orchard in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Acuvue

The Optique officially opens today at ION Orchard Shopping Center and in it, under the Johnson and Johnson's Acuvue corner, our interactive solution recommends the user the type of contact lenses that is suited to their lifestyle.

This is iM3 Asia's second collaboration with JNJ Acuvue after the Integrated Eyecare Center (IEC) at VivoCity.

Congrats to the The Optique for their opening.

iM3 Asia plays a part in Asia's if not World's biggest interactive display with Aviva

Aviva's "Your Future with Aviva" Campaign brings about an interactive display as big as 16m x 7m in Vivo City.

Everyone has aspiration, users create the future they want with the platform. Live in the country side with Wife, 2kids, cats and dogs and owning cars, pool, private jets etc. At the end of the session, Aviva puts the figure on the future you created. You can approach the Aviva's staff on how Aviva could help you with your future or you can create other futures you want and see how much it cost.

Check out our video gallery for the video of our deployment in action

A write up about the event can also be found at

iM3 Asia - Samsung Omnia i900 ASEAN Deployment

The deployment did not end in Takashimaya where the official launch took place. After the official launch, our interactive solution was deployed for subsequence road shows in major malls. 

Following the successful launch of the Samsung Omnia i900 phone in Singapore, iM3 Asia was given the task to deploy our solution in ASEAN.

 Altough faced with a short timeline, our deployment was deployed with a hitch.

In Indonesia, in particular, rather than using the actual phone for the press presentation, our interactive solutions was used instead.

Congratulations to Samsung for the successful launch of the Omnia phone


Samsung has just launch the Omnia phone. Singapore is the first country in the WORLD!!! to launch this phone.

To educate consumers on it's many features and functionalities, our interactive solution comprising Ubiq'window and SolidDrive ensures the consumer who attended the roadshow has an enriching and full multimedia experience.

 The whole booth is the speaker!!! Possibe only with SolidDrive.

Launch of SingTel Partner Programme at SingTel Business Solutions Centre

Congratulations to SingTel for the successful launch of the Partner Programme.

More information on the program

SingTel is the first in Singapore to have deployed the Ubiq'window Model 200, the largest Ubiq'window ever deployed in Singapore. SingTel scores another first in the region to have deployed the Ubiq'window for an event launch.

The glass on the screen is also the speaker!!! Possible with our SolidDrive.

Creative Circle Awards 2007

MAKE Studios wins again! CONGRATS!

Categories Won :

1. Promo / DM                                     - Silver

2. Interactive - Other Digital Media     - Bronze

3. Interactive - Wireless, Individual    - Bronze 

MAKE Studios came in 2nd in the overall category for Promo / DM and 4th overall in the Interactive Category.

SOAA Awards 2007

MAKE Studios CK Project wins Top Honours at the recent Singapore Outdoor Advertising Awards!

We are proud to be the partners for this project! CONGRATULATIONS!

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