MultiTaction UNB 55″ display is designed for cost-sensitive applications that require great video wall touch experience and moderate brightness. It’s fully compatible with the world’s best interactive video wall software by MultiTaction.


MT556UNB (Ultra Narrow Bezel) is the replacement for the previous version MT555UTB, and the little sister of our premium model, the MT556XNB.


The XNB is the highest performance multitouch display on the market, providing the best performance in high ambient light conditions. The UNB shares some design elements with it, including a new stronger frame with rear access panels for service while mounted. The UNB display is recommended in conditions where standard contrast in normal light, without specific anti-glare surface, is sufficient but the great overall video wall touch experience is not to be compromised.


MultiTaction UNB display gives great user experience with excellent touch response, moderate brightness display, and robust design. Our Clearsight touch tracking engine runs at 120Hz and gives a smoother interaction. The overall result is a faster, more accurate, and more reliable touch tracking system than any other touchscreen in the market – only second to our MultiTaction XNB display.



Unique proposition



The gaps between adjacent displays are minimized with the Ultra Narrow Bezel LCDs.



A unique framework that allows interactive video walls to be constructed in all sorts of shapes and sizes based around UNB. Everything from floating cubes to almost completely circular rooms has been delivered.



Unlike most touch technologies, the MultiTaction UNB can see what is touching the display through the glass. This allows for a more immersive experience.



A 2D barcode that can be read by the UNB display surface. The MultiTaction software can react to the code making it possible to customize the application behavior or content to an individual or product.



Truly unlimited usage by hands, Infrared Pens and 2D barcodes.



Software for creating presentations on a single touchscreen, a huge touch video wall or anything in between.



A family of software products that help organizations visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively.



Best user experience


MultiTaction UNB display gives the best interaction experience with superb touch responses, bright display, and robust design. The difference is in our Clearsight touch tracking engine which runs at 120Hz and gives a smoother interaction when the display refresh rate is 60Hz. The overall result is a faster, more accurate, and more reliable touch tracking system than any other touchscreen in the market.


Touch technology


MultiTaction UNB display features a tempered 4mm low iron glass resulting in excellent visual quality, contrast, resolution, and touch ergonomics.


Video wall mounting


Mounting is easier than ever before with our incredibly accurate corner-mount system. You have the flexibility to mount the modules in landscape or portrait, flat or curved, symmetric or angular.


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